5th Annual

black sustainability summit




OCT. 7-17, 2020

In Ghana, West Africa
For Our Summit & A Learning Journey


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Reclaim indigenous/ancestral best practices and how-to information as we explore practical ways to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives, homes and communities. 


Sustainable Community Solutions welcomes you on your journey toward self-sufficiency. We are expanding! October 7 - 17 we have partnered with HABESHA, Inc. to celebrate the grand opening of the Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute! This coming summit, we will host a Learning Journey in Ghana, West Africa and offer educational workshops focused on sustainable development and practical steps toward self-sufficiency. If you are interested in green communities, eco-villages, sustainable development and/or investment in West Africa, we would love to have you join us on this uniquely curated journey.

As always, we unapologetically are serving members of the Afrikan diaspora and connecting thought leaders. We are here to do the work.


All workshop sessions are designed to add strength to the community where hands-on workshops are hosted and will feature in-depth conversations with presenters who are doing the work. Strategic areas of focus IN GHANA include:


                                                                                   Sustainable Food Production                          Wholistic Health & Traditional Medicine   

                                     Eco Friendly Building (Bamboo, Earth, Domes)                                                                                        Cultural (Re)Education & Repatriation

Sustainable Agricultural Practices                                                                Community Solar Installation                                                                 Intentional Sustainable Communities


Join us or contact our team to support green development, host workshops and trainings in your community!


Ebrima Ba
Roots of Change Farm
Director, "Food, Clothing & Shelter"
Chief Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri
Founder/President, African Women Economic Consortium (AWEC),
Cashawn Myers
CEO of HABESHA & Sponsor of Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute
Dr. Nobantu Ankoanda
Founder of Collard Greens Festival
Afrikan Community Sustainability Collective
Naomi Davis
Founder and CEO of BIG: Blacks in Green™
Dr. Nana Siti Opio
Traditional Sho Sho Midwife & Naturopath Physician
King, HRM Oba Adéfunmi
Oyotunji Village, South Carolina
Clark Arrington
Albany, GA & Dar Es Salaam
Kamau Kambon
Author, Entrepreneur, Revolutionary
abibitumi Kasa
Owner, Axum Culture
Brother Azad
Repatriation Group - Ghana
Uta Reed
Afrika House & Afrika Village
St. Croix, USVI
Malik Yakini
Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Samora Sobukwe-SoDaye
Founder & Director
Unique Seminars, LLC
Rashid Nuri
CEO & Founder, Truly Living Well
M'Bwebe Ishangi
Duende Naturál
Black Land Matters
New York & Costa Rica
Dr. Nana Mawiyah Kambon
Clinical Psychologist,
Onipa Psychological & Consulting Services
Dr. Obadele "Kwame" Kambon
Founder & Master Linguist,
abibitumi Kasa
Nataki Kambon
Activist, Let's Buy Black 365
Mama Atiba
Afrikan Community Sustainability Collective
Yaw Agbede
Founder, Nkala Environmental
Chef Keidi Awadu
Author, Living Superfood
Developer, Kujichagulia Villages
Dr. Muhjah Shakir
Nature's Garden for Victory and Peace
Ras Kofi
Urban Agriculturalist, Activist & Farmer
Mwalimu Baruti
Co-Founder of Akoben Institute
Oronde Yero
Ascensions & The Heal Inn
Atlanta, GA
Dr. Lord Ajmer
CEO, The Kingdom Group
Toubakolong Village Partnership
The Gambia - Senegal
Baba Cordell
CPS Associates
Afrikan Safety Specialist
Mahdi Uwizeye
Eco-friendly Building Practices
Afrikan Community Sustainability Collective
Afia Raina
Summit Organizer
African Community Sustainability Collective
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Steven King
Educating for Sustainability
Sis Karimah King
Foraging for Healing Herbs
Baba Mwalimu Baruti
Afrikan Centered Education
Chanowk Yisrael
Black Power needs Land Power or Landless Revolutionaries Can’t Win
Bro. Charles Greenlea
Sustainable Agriculture
Queen Taese
Homeschooling: The Blueprint for Black Power
Kwame Botchway
The Village: Building Community
Dr. Nana Siti Opio
Herbal Sustainability for Melanated Energies & Recycling our Waste
Sis. Felicia Bell
Traditional Agriculture at Its Best
M'Bwebe Ishangi
CryptoWoke & Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
Afiya Madzimoyo
My Feelings / My Flow / My Money
Nana Dr. Kwaku Opare
Modern Day Pan-Afrikan Nutricide (Nutritional Suicide/Genocide) & The Great AIDS Genocidal Deception
Mama Yaa & Baba Jata
The Urgent Need for Senior Sustainable Permaculture Housing and Soulutions
Sis. Nataki Kambon
Revolutionary Economics - Let's Buy Black 365
Mama Dr. Nobantu Ankoanda
Mbongi’s: Elder Leadership & Roles
Aankh Benu
Nile Valley Traditional Family Based Governments
Hindolo Pokawa
Community Movements and Ecological Resiliance at a Crossroads in Africa
Dr. Uwa Onyiohad
Bro. John Bradley
Container Home Construction 101/201
Dr. Ruby Thomas
Holistic Health and Nutrition
Cashawn Myers
KASI: Sustainability Development in Ghana
Bryan Franklin
Make Money While You Sleep
Thomas "TJ" Loftin
Monetizing Gentrification
Monica Wright
Building a Black Community through Saving and Investing
Aquaponics & The Food Revolution
Chinyere T. Norman
Us Lifting Us Economic Cooperative
Philena Seldon
Supply and Demand: Local or Bust
Chef Essence
Healing Through Health Foods "Health Tips & Recipes for The Black Family"
Bryan Franklin
Make Money While You Sleep!
Lloyd Wynn
Mama Mawusi Ashshakir
"The Revolution Will Not Be Hospitalized"
Eric M. Phillips Jr.
Green Guyana
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