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Past Workshops

Thursday, Oct. 4

Sustainable Food Production/Agricultural Systems Workshop


10:00am - 12:00pm                  Sustainable Agriculture 101

Join Brother Charles on a two-hour garden tour around metro Atlanta to view various growing spaces, designs and crops. Learn the basics of sustainable agriculture and the possibilities to create a space to start a personal or community garden.

Transportation will be provided.

1:00pm - 2:30pm                       How to Create and Design Sustainable Growing Spaces

After touring growing spaces, join Brother Charles for a more in-depth discussion of how you can design your own growing space. Learn the basics of planning your growing space, succession planting, harvesting and other things to consider when preparing to feed yourself and/or others.


Holistic Health/Nutrition Workshops


11:30am-1:00pm                      Nourishing the Human Body

Join Dr. Ruby Thomas to learn how the human body and various systems function and how to properly nourish each system. Sis Ruby is trained in pediatrics, preventive medicine, and integrative medicine. She received her medical degree and completed her medical training at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about empowering families to transform their lives and heal from chronic illness through plant based nutrition. Additionally, she provides health coaching, education, and consulting services for individuals, families, and communities. 


3:00pm-5:00pm                        Herbal Sustainability for Melanated Energies

Join Nana Dr. Siti N. Opio, traditional sho sho and midwife, as she shares herbal preparations for extracts; tinctures, liniments and salves. You will walk away with an innerstanding of how and why herbs work; the supplies required; proper preparation of various solutions; herbal usage; and where to locate herbs.


Economics/Finance Workshops


1:00pm-2:30pm                         Monetizing Gentrification


Join Brother TJ Loftin to learn how to monetize gentrification. After traveling the country for the last 6 months monitoring real estate trends, he has been sharing his research and teaching strategies to acquire land development and real estate ownership. You will walk away with knowledge of (1) the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to purchasing real estate; (2) how to research the community and property before investing; (3) why there’s an urgency to own the buildings that we run our business out of and homes that we lay our heads in; (4) the questions that need to be asked when inquiring about purchasing property; (5) the value of building a home vs. purchasing a pre-existing home, and (6) how California's real estate is affecting the rest of the country.

Friday, Oct. 5

Sustainable Food Production/Agricultural Systems Workshop


8:30am - 9:30am                       Scaling and Maintaining a Mid- to Large-Size Farm

Urban farming is becoming more popular as more and more of us live in urban environments. But if you want to expand your growing space to feed even more people, there are some very practical lessons you should be aware of. This early morning session will give you a solid hour with Brother Christopher Edwards, AKA Farmer Chris, on a tour of Mayflor Farm as he takes you through the layout of the space and discusses how to scale and maintain a mid-size to larger size farm.

Transportation will be provided.


1:00pm-3:30pm                         Traditional Ag at its Best PT 1


Join Sis. Felicia Bell on a local farm to learn traditional agricultural techniques and methods with a 21st century twist to sustain generations to come. You will walk away knowing inexpensive operation start up costs, traditional techniques our ancestors used, and tour a local urban farm.


Economics/Finance Workshops


10:00am-12:00pm                   Supply and Demand: Local or Bust

Join Sister Philena Seldon for an interactive discussion with small business owners about growing, sourcing, and building a supply chain for plant-based, organic, sustainable products. You will walk away knowing (1) why sourcing locally is necessary, (2) how creating a supply chain helps the local economy, and (3) how sourcing locally eliminates health disparities and reduces the environmental footprint.

Cafe ULU


7:00pm - 8:00pm                       Blockchain 4 Land #CryptoWoke

Join M'Bwebe Ishangi as he presents on Learning the Ways to Rebuild Community with Blockchain technology and & Cryptocurrency. During his workshop he will start by sharing financial tactics outside traditional savings and retirement platforms, and seal up by discussing how you can create intergenerational wealth streams toward tangible assets, ie. land and entrepreneurial development! He will also share how he and a collective group were able to purchase land in Costa Rica for development.


Holistic Health/Nutrition Workshops


                                                     Healing Through Health Foods: Health Tips & Recipes for The Black Family

Join Chef Essence as she walks you through the steps of leading your family into a healthier way of life through vegan, organic and non-GMO foods. Discover the simplicity of eating healthy and learn how diet directly correlates to a peaceful, clear and sharp mind.  


Community/Education/Governance Workshop


1:00-3:00pm                              Nile Valley Traditional Family-Based Governments


Join Aankh Benu for a detailed layout, examination, and analysis of traditional family structures and family-based governments of the Nile Valley from ancient times to present day. Learn how this model is currently being implemented and practiced in the Henensu community, and how the adoption of this model in Afrikan communities can serve as an effective model for efficient and sustainable community development and nation building. You will gain knowledge of how to (1) build institutions/societies to facilitate and socialize members of the family and community and (2) both link and organize families into judicial/governmental institution within the community.


6:00pm - 7:00pm                      Homeschooling: The Blueprint for Black Power


Join Queen Taese as she covers practical tools for cultivating our children to be thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers for our people throughout the Afrikan Diaspora. This workshop will challenge the minds of parents and educators to add more ways of incorporating effective methods of educating our children to set the bar in all they do and become the next innovators actualizing our Afrikan Sovereignty. It will also expand our minds to examine some of what it takes to create inter-generational wealth on a mental, physical, spiritual, and financial basis.

Saturday, Oct. 6

Sustainable Food Production/Agricultural Systems Workshop


9:00am-12:00pm                      Traditional Agriculture at its Best PT 2


Join Sis. Felicia Bell for a second day at a local farm to build on traditional agricultural techniques and methods. This time her focus is on taking your garden to a farm business and helping connect you to capital and resources so you can create a new stream of income.


10:00am - 1:00pm                    Aquaponics & The Food Revolution


Join Brother JC Agazie as he introduces techniques of growing sustainable food, healthy eating education, STEAMS programming, and entrepreneurship opportunities.  He will facilitate vocational opportunities in a myriad of green and sustainable career fields and encourage participants to develop value added products that can be potential business opportunities. Attendees will leave with an understanding how an aquaponics system works, increased understandings of ecosystems and awareness of food deserts and awareness to the need for more sustainable food production in urban centers.


Eco-Friendly Building/Construction


10:00am-12:00pm                    Container Home Construction 101


Join Brother John Bradley for an open discussion and Q&A on how and why he constructed a container home. Tour a container home retrofitted with modern, yet sustainable amenities/features in Commerce, GA and gain insight on how you can construct a container to fit your needs.

Transportation will be provided. Light refreshments served.

Pick-up is at 8:45am 

1:00pm -2:00pm                        Introduction to African Centered Sustainable Architecture
Join Sister Nmadili Okwumabuahe for an amazing lecture on African Centered Sustainable Architecture. The objective of this lecture is to introduce our scholars and audience to the CPDI Africa framework, for developing architecture that is inspired by the culture, aesthetics and sustainable elements of traditional African architecture.  This academic and practical knowledge provides us with the foundation for creating modern, sustainable design translations wherever we may call home - Africa, or the Pan African Diaspora.

Community/Education/Governance Workshop

1:00pm - 2:30pm                       The Village: Building Community


Join Kwame Botchway for an Afro-centric approach to building community. Applying age-old African community building wisdom to 21st century challenges of community relationship building in the United States, participants will leave with a better sense of self identity/worth, better connection among  community members, and an understanding of how to build and sustain wealth and ensure improved mental health status.

3:00pm-4:00pm                         Mbongis and Elder Leadership Roles


When an elder dies, an entire library burns down. Join Mama Nobantu Ankoanda, PhD as she discusses the roles our elders should play in a healthy, viable, sustainable community. Pulling on ancestral wisdom, ancient and current tribal practices of elder roles/leadership - she will exchange knowledge of the present Afrikan Council of Elders and the way we relate to their role in our society. Elders and adults alike are encouraged to join this session so they are clear on the roles they currently should play and what they should be responsible for once they transition into eldership.


Harvest Fest Workshops

1:00-2:00pm                              Recycling our Waste


It is important that we learn how to manage our food waste and properly compost what we dont consume. But have you thought about what we have already consumed and where we send our personal waste? Living in the U.S. and most countries, our waste tends to end up in our water supply - eventually mixing with freshwater thus the practice of chemically “cleaning” our water for reconsumption. Join Nana Dr. Siti Opio as she presents about a viable alternative to sending personal waste directly to the 3% of fresh water we consume. In this workshop, Nana Siti will share the purpose of a compost toilet, its components and how to set one up. Participants will learn the importance of recycling our waste, display an actual compost toilet and how it operates! You will leave this workshop having discovered the advantages of properly recycling our waste.


2:00-2:45pm                              Harvest Fest: Properly Canning What You Harvest


Growing what you consume is a major step toward self-sufficiency, but we all know we can’t always eat every bit of the produce we harvest. Decrease the amount of food waste by learning how to preserve what is harvested! Join Sister Terri at Harvest Fest as she goes through the proper techniques and concepts of harvesting various foods. At the end of her workshop she will provide a brief canning demo and resources for you to retain to practice canning what you harvest from your local garden(s). You will walk away with basic techniques of canning and inspiration for creating your own value-added products.


Oct. 4-8

Educating for Sustainability                                                                                                                        Steven King

Community Economic Advisory Group                                                                                                      Lloyd Wynn

Community Movements and Ecological Resilience at a Crossroads in Africa                                    Hindolo Pokawa

Building a Black Community through Saving and Investing                                                                  Monica Wright

Make Money While You Sleep!                                                                                                                   Bryan Franklin

Modern Day Pan-Afrikan Nutricide (Nutritional Suicide/Genocide)                                                     Nana Kwaku Opare


The Great AIDS Genocidal Deception                                                                                                       Nana Kwaku Opare

Revolutionary Economics                                                                                                                           Nataki Kambon

The Urgent Need for Senior Sustainable Permaculture Housing and Soulutions                             Jata Rahim & Yaa ELOHIM

Sankofa                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Uwa Onyiohad

Black Power needs Land Power or Landless Revolutionaries Can’t Win                                          Chanowk Yisrael

"The Revolution Will Not Be Hospitalized"                                                                                              Mama Mawusi Ashshakir




Educating for Sustainability                                                                                                                               

Watch Steven King discuss the design of a K-12 sustainability program. The challenges in creating a successful K-12 sustainability program and why Educating for Sustainability is so critical to the future of communities of color and economic power.



Watch Dr. Uwa Onyiohad present on the need for Africans everywhere to reach to Africa and build it up with the understanding that Africa cannot build itself up without the help of diaspora. Learn about (1) economic, cultural and educational challenges in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, (2) causal factors and the resistance to change, (3) how we can all play key roles in restoring dignity, honor and pride back to the people on the African continent and throughout the diaspora.


Community Movements and Ecological Resilience at a Crossroads in Africa                                

Watch Hindolo Pokawa present about how after half a century of neocolonial rule in Africa, the construct of our thinking towards lifting Africans out of poverty and dependency has remained unchanged. He argues that the urgent need to address a new way of thinking will require new movements with key focus on education and ecological sustainability. Learn about some of the innovative efforts that are taking place on the continent to decolonize the minds of black people. In particular, you will get an insight into the work that his organization Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy (SLFND) is doing to change lives in Africa.


The Urgent Need for Senior Sustainable Permaculture Housing and Soulutions                             

Watch Jata Rahim & Yaa ELOHIM as they address the health, wellness and housing needs for our seniors in permanent, living communities in which their expertise is valued. They will highlight the unfortunate fact that an increasing number of our elders have become "orphans" with no one to address their needs for belonging, community, support and love. They will present scenarios, then provide “soulutions” in sustainable senior permaculture housing and share how we can get involved.


Sustainable Food Production


Black Power needs Land Power or Landless Revolutionaries Can’t Win                                         

 Watch Chanowk Yisrael presents about how in our ancient past, creation stories show reverence for the land, it’s products, and those who stand in between that balance, but that all changed with the disruption of slavery and colonization. Now in the 21st century, there is a longing for re-connection to the land. Take a journey with him to learn about (1) our past connection with the land, (2) how we became disconnected, and (3) what we can do to restore the land.




Make Money While You Sleep!                                                                                                                   

Watch Bryan Franklin present about how the Network Marketing industry targets Black people,  and we join these companies but most of us fail. He will explain how the industry is being disrupted with a model that will benefit our community financially. Learn about (1) the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of Network Marketing, (2) how to identify if a company is a Network Marketing company or not, and (3) a better way to make money, even while you sleep.


Revolutionary Economics                                                                                                                           

Watch Nataki Kambon present how to create legacy businesses and institutions that sustain powerful African centered communities. She will cover where to start, and how to grow and sustain our own businesses and institutions.


My Feelings / My Flow / My Money

Watch Afiya Madzimoyo present about various aspects of money: our history with it (including our wounds of oppression); how and what we are thinking, feeling and doing with it presently; and how and what we would like to change. You will also be directed to some paths to resolution and success with money.  


Building a Black Community through Saving and Investing                                                                  

Watch Monica Wright present best practices from her experience building a 4 year-old community savings and loan group that purchased real property and operates a local cooperative business. Learn about (1) a "susu" or grassroots community savings and loan group/club, (2) how to organize a group to realistically invest in real estate with little or no money down, and (3) how to create a cooperative business.


Water Purification/Irrigation

Unfortunately this presenter had to decline. INUMA Water Infrastructure - Manual Drilling, Water Treatment and Distribution in Rwanda will not present at this year's summit - forgive the change.



Holistic Health/Nutrition


"The Revolution Will Not Be Hospitalized"                                                                                              

Watch Mama Mawusi Ashshakir present about how we must take measures to secure our own health and gain the tools to meet emergent crisis, as we strive to achieve self sufficiency. Learn the importance of health awareness, Afrakans historical and present use of herbs, and 5 basic things you can do to secure your health.  


Modern Day Pan-Afrikan Nutricide (Nutritional Suicide/Genocide)                                                     

Watch Nana Kwaku Opare present about the major shift in the causes of morbidity and mortality in 21st century Africa, and how the disease and mortality rates of Afrikans throughout Africa and the USA are becoming  increasingly similar due to Nutricide. Learn what the implications are from the standpoint of Afrikan survival, as well as key health resilience strategies.


The Great AIDS Genocidal Deception                                                                                                   

Watch Nana Kwaku Opare present about how Africa, where rates of "HIV' are very high, is still experiencing rapid population growth despite past mortality predictions. Learn more about the myths and truth about HIV/AIDS and Afrikan survival throughout the diaspora.





Beyond Preparedness: Adaptation & Survival in the New Planetary Paradigm

Watch Aton Edwards present about the many comprehensive and dramatic lifestyle changes that the Black community must rapidly deploy to avoid future calamities manifested by global warming and a multitude of natural, technological, environmental civil, cyber and economic disasters. Learn (1) how to develop a plan of action, (2) what we will need to do, and (3) how to secure necessary materials/supplies/equipment.

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