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Aankh Benu

Aankh Benu

Aankh Benu is the Nisu Bity (King) and Ham Neter Tupy (Chief Priest) of Henensu. It was for the purpose o f helping Afrikan people overcome limitations and achieve their goals that inspired the establishment of the Henensu International Community. A gifted teacher and leader, Aankh Benu was ordained a Priest through the Ancient Kemetic Culture Institute. Today he is an Adept Diviner (Spiritual Reader), author, teacher, Radio Show Host (Khu Khem Radio), and lecturer on Afrikan Spirituality, Nile Valley Culture and Spiritual Traditions.


Aankh Benu is also the founder, organizer, and leader of the Khu Khem Kemet Tour and Khu Khem Travel. 


To date he has written and published three books, "The Key to Eden," Avenging Osir, and his magnum opis "Re-membering Osir."  He is an Advocate for Pan-Afrikanism and Self-Sustainability for Afrikan People. Through the application of the teachings of our ancestors, Aankh Benu has helped many achieve harmonious relationships with nTr. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, he is the husband to Hamat Nisu Warit (s) (Great Royal Wives/Queen Mothers) of Henensu: Meri Netert Skherrenut Benu and Warit Rekhiyit Benu, and he is the father of his daughters Khemhlring and Waniset Shukara Benu. 

For more information Visit

Q&A 5/28 2:30PM

Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri, PhD.

Summit Presentation: NWALOTAC - Doing Business and Procuring Land in Nigeria

Chief Dr.  Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri is the President of the African Women Economic Consortium (AWEC). She is the President of the Chiist Higher Learning Corporation (CHLC). This organization is the accrediting body for African Continental University of which she is the founder and Chancellor.  Dr. Uwa Osimiri was one of the founding officers of the North Oakland Macomb Chapter of Jack and Jill of America where she served as Program Director, Vice-president and President. She was instrumental for initiating the African Chapters of Jack and Jill in Umuahia and Aba, in Abia State Nigeria, of which NOM was the sponsoring chapter.


The mission of AWEC/ALLIANCE, a Michigan 501C3 non-profit and IRS recognized charity organization, is to collaborate with different global organizations, to promote international work which uplifts women and children. Over the years, the African Women Economic Consortium has been an advocate for orphan care. As a delegate of the United Nations World Council of Religions for Peace, Dr. Uwa Osimiri attended the Africa’s Most Senior Religious Leadership Conference on HIVAIDS and orphans held in Nairobi Kenya in June 2002. The plight of orphans in Africa was seen as one of the greatest catastrophes facing the continent. Since that trip, Dr. Osimiri has canvassed the world promoting the need for orphan care support.


The Village of Hope is a direct result of AWEC/ALLIANCE concern for orphans. This Project is heralded as the pilot program for changing the way orphan children are cared for. The concept provides stable families for children and specialized education which will teach them how to help care for their communities. The project will also provide parents the opportunity to upgrade their living standards while helping to support orphan children.


Dr. Uwa Osimiri earned numerous Awards for her work in business, and education. She served on the Advisory Board for the Women Federation for World Peace. She was a member of the Emerging Minority Businesses Council of Michigan, and received a Certificate of Tribute from Governor Jennifer Granholm for her work with the Governor’s small business initiative. She received an educational citation (Friend of Education, Michigan) and several Spirit of Detroit and Wayne County certificates of recognition. She was nominated for Faculty of the Year Award at the University of Phoenix where she is an Advanced Certified Faculty in the Department of Business and leadership. A Senior Grant Writer, she provides grant writing businesses. She is also the propounder of the African International Center for international African women dialogue and understanding.


Chief Osimiri was recently on NewsMax MID POINT Show with Joe Byers, discussing AWEC Village of Hope Joe Dome Project. She was featured in the Detroit News as One of Michigan’s Most Influential Women.  She has lectured at Wayne State University, Oakland University, Michigan State University, University of Phoenix, Emory University and countless secondary and grammar school workshops, as well as women empowerment workshops for Chrysler Corporation. Uwa Osimiri who has already earned her Doctorate degree in Inter-religious Studies has recently completed her academic work for a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Intelligence and Psychological Testing.


She is married and lives with her husband Ikenna, and a Silk Terrier named Chi Chi in Decatur GA, USA. She has three adult children and two grandsons.

Nana Kwaku Opare.jpg

Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA

Summit Presentations: 1)  Modern Day Pan-Afrikan Nutricide (Nutritional Suicide/Genocide) 2) The Great AIDS Genocidal Deception


Nana Dr. Kwaku Opare is an international authority in plant based nutritional medicine, natural health and healing. He lives in Arusha Tanzania, in East Africa. In the area of Public health nutrition, plant based nutrition, integrative and natural health Opare has some of the most impressive credentials and experience found anywhere in the world.

Born in the United States in 1957, Nana Kwaku Opare was educated at the University of California. He took his Bachelor of Science degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics (1979), and his Master of Public Health degree (1984) from The Berkeley Campus.  During his internship at the prestigious Alameda County Medical Center, Opare became clear that his career would center on natural medicine and public health nutrition and decided to eschew a traditional medical specialty. After internship Opare began the practice of emergency medicine. He simultaneously went on to matriculate at the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (SFCAOM) where he was awarded his Certificate in Acupuncture in 1987.  

Simultaneously while embarking on a path of alternative medicine in 1985, Opare began the practice of Emergency medicine. He served as attending emergency department physician in Hospitals ranging from small rural hospitals with low volume and limited resources to the largest private hospital in San Francisco. He later transitioned into Urgent Care returning to the Alameda County Medical center where he served as attending staff physician at the Fairmont campus for many years. In the early 2000’s he transitioned into Occupational medicine finding the pace and lifestyle more suited to his personal and family needs. Most recently he served as the Medical Director for an Atlanta office of a large multi state occupational medicine group leaving there in 2016 and emigrating to Tanzania. 

During his tenure with the Alameda County clinics where Opare also attended in the Adult Medicine Clinic it became clear to him that the majority of his patients suffering from chronic non-communicable disease were suffering these diseases secondary to their poor health behaviors. These behaviors appeared nearly impossible for the patients to alter. They behaved as though they were addicted to their diets and other poor health habits. So he decided to study and practice addiction medicine. The practice of which ended in his tenure at the respected 14th Street clinic in Oakland California where Opare practiced both standard allopathic addiction medicine and performed and taught acupuncture detoxification of heroin and cocaine addicts to his students at ACTCM. Opare’s experience in addiction medicine has given him understanding that we behave in many ways out of control in relation to our health — in an addictive pattern. This wisdom has informed his practice since.

Nana Kwaku’s dual careers in alternative and standard medicine came together, crystalizing in 2004 when he opened his first Integrative Medicine practice in Oakland California. That practice grew and matured into the Opare Institute based in Atlanta Georgia, USA, and now the Opare African Institute based in Arusha Tanzania.

Dr. Opare has developed and written about his unique holistic method of approaching the patient. He calls his practice Afrikan Natural Hygiene. A large part of his approach involves the use of plant based patterns of food consumption, supervised juice fasting, and the judicious use of traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathic manual medicine and standard allopathic medicine to first help his patients remove the cause of their disease, then lead his patients into healing. He is the author of The Rule Book and User Guide for Healthy Living and The Optimum Fast (co authored with Ama Opare) both published by Opare Publishing. He and Ama Opare have authored and developed multiple state-of-the-art electronic training programs in plant based nutrition and fasting found on as well as many videos and blogs found on the Opare Institute YouTube channel, Facebook and on 

Opare has spoken at multiple conferences and events including the World Vegetarian Festival, and most recently at the University of Arusha. He and Ama are to appear in the upcoming feature documentary film “The Invisible Vegan”. In 2016 Opare and his Wife Ama who is a professional educator, writer, web designer, raw vegan chef, lifestyle coach, and organizer, emigrated to the Arusha Tanzania where he has spent the past two years volunteering at both the District and Regional hospitals while setting the groundwork for the Opare African Institute which is incorporated as a national NGO in Tanzania. The Opare’s vision of the Opare African Institute, a multidisciplinary, world class level day and residential center where detoxification, education and natural healing based on the foundation of the plant based eating lifestyle and located in East Africa is coming to fruition.

Opare is known for his motto “You have everything you need to heal anything — in you right now” 

More Info: Opare Institute YouTube channel, Facebook and 

Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson Onwuchekwa

Summit Presentation: Sustaining You


I have spent over 25 years in pharmaceutical sales and nonprofit development. I have B.S. Hampton University (Business Management)  and M.S. NC A&T (Adult Education). I am author, Teachable Moments: Spirituality and Medicine and ebook, Vision,Valley, Victory.


Dirk Twine, BA, BME, CNHP

Summit Presentation: Wholistic Health & Wellness

Former Brand Marketing Strategist demystifies Financial Literacy, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency, and shares how he went from loyal, corporate employee to business owner—and how you can too!


Most adults of all ages, nationalities, and gender face the following challenges:


• Due to outsourcing, in a declining job market there ore more people with college degrees unable to find work in their field of study than ever before
• Those with jobs are overworked and under paid but afraid to leave because they’ve been trained with the “worker bee” mindset
• For the years sacrificed working for someone we trust our retirement to 401k’s, Savings, CDs, and Bonds not realizing all it takes is a recession that can wipe it all away
• One day you will either be laid-off, fired, or retire from your job. This will end the pay cycle that sustained you. But what will continue are your bills coming every 30-days. This is a guaranteed oversight. What will be your source of income now?

The rise of digital currency and Blockchain technology has caused the financial world to take notice but is it time for you to jump on the bandwagon?

M’Bwebe Ishangi gives you the facts you need to decide. You’ll learn how Bitcoin and digital currency were invented, how this new technology is shaping the future, and how to decide if exploring this new “people’s currency” is right for you. The author of ‘Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Wealth: The Merge of Cooperatives with Tech’, Ishangi explains that crypto is not just a virtual currency but a community and ecosystem that’s truly global. You’ll leave M’Bwebe’s gripping presentation #CryptoWoke with a new
understanding of how this digital currency revolution offers new ways to save for retirement as well as create residual income potentially to where you can work for yourself. You’ll be inspired by M’Bwebe’s personal journey of risk-taking and never
giving up on your dreams.


Q&A 5/28 5:30PM

Lisa Harris, CWC, MPC, ND

Summit Presentation:  Emotions and their Relationship to Food Choices

Lisa Harris has attended both traditional and non-traditional schools in order to obtain health and wellness knowledge. The knowledge has afforded me both teaching and coaching opportunities with both individuals and groups (mostly women). Her work includes a book she authored titled, Rebuilding the Temple: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness, an eight-week teacher’s manual, and a forthcoming book, The Five Pillars of Wellness: The Keys to Living a Balanced Life released this summer.  She has created and implemented several cleansing protocols, developed an eight-week total wellness program and a Skinny on the Inside™ program and has been a guest speaker at various events.  


Dr. Harris is also the owner of both Ladies Like Us and Lady Babalu Fitness Wear.  Furthermore, she has collaborated with several physicians, fitness instructors and organizations taking part in health and wellness seminars and expos.



  • Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy

  • Master’s in Professional Counseling

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition



  • Founder of Ladies Like Us and Lady Babalu Fitness Wear

  • Author of Rebuilding the Temple: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness

  • Developer of the Eight Week Health and Wellness Plan

  • Developer of the Skinny on the Inside™ program

  • Founder of the Five Pillar of Wellness™



  • Organic food store on the way (Fayetteville Observer, 2006)

  • Vegetarianism healthy for you and animals (Fayetteville Observer, 2009)

  • Rebuilding the temple-by the book-review (All About Women Magazine, 2013)


Book Reviews

  • "Rebuilding the temple displays a refreshing honesty that many books on nutrition lack." Ariel P.- All about Women Magazine (

  • "I just read the dedication…Totally blown away.  I was moved to tears, yeah, real tears." Cliff H.

  • "I found this book to be very interesting, thought provoking and informative.  I highly recommend it to anyone seeking guidance on their journey to live a happier lifestyle." Lisa D (Review on

Q&A 5/28 6:00PM

Kwasausya Khepera

Summit Presentation: Off Grid for Beginners: Sustainability from Brooklyn to Belize


Kwasa Khepera is the founder of which provides education and fun exciting experiences to those who recognize the need to eat better and to consume whole unprocessed living foods for optimal and recovering health. Her food tours, classes, online education and unique down to earth teaching style make eating delicious plant based food easy and  accessible... where you gain confidence in food preparation with flavor and taste for you and your family everyday! She travels between Brooklyn and Belize, Central America on this part of her journey, learning to grow food as a professionally trained chef, fitness consultant, and most importantly Mother.

For more info, visit

Q&A 5/29 3:00PM

Delilah Mulraine, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Summit Presentation: Rainwater Harvesting

Sister Delilah lives in the rain forest of Belize and she believes, " cannot get any more sustainable than that,"  She does rain water harvesting, grows her own food, builds homes and makes clothes. She is interested in reaching out and connecting with others that are living in a sustainable fashion.


She also wants to reach out to those who have skills in solar panel building and network. If you know of anyone who is interested and is living off the grid, pass on her information.  

Delilah Mulraine

Delilah Fitness, LLC


Q&A 5/29 3:30PM

Dr. Maisha Tianuru, BSIE, P.E., N.D., Msc.D., D.D.

Summit Presentation: Completing the Human Nutritional Cycle for Sustaining Optimal Health


MAISHA TIANURU is Kiswahili and Kemetic meaning “she who is full of life and who enlightens others.” Maisha Tianuru is a University of Houston alumna with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and is a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). Along with being a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and The Study of Man, Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity,

Mental Therapist, Herbalist, and Iridologist, she’s a graduate and course instructor of Urban Harvest’s Permaculture Consultant’s Design Course, “CORE” member of the Permaculture Guild of Houston, TX, along with being Certified Member of the Permaculture Institute.


Fundi Tianuru has served as an instructor of “The Eclectic” Process, Holistic Health Practitioner of Queen Afua’s “Heal Thyself” Natural Living and Fasting and Wellness Program. She’s a student in Reflexology, Healing Touch, Colon Therapy, Kemetic and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Kiswahili, and graduate of Yang T’ai Chi Chung. As a business and public relations consultant, her clients have included Peak Performance Specialist Jeffrey Vincent Noble, Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn, Holistic Health Practitioners and authors Queen Afua, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, N.D., and Paul Goss, N.D.


As a nutritional consultant, Ms. Tianuru has made numerous radio and Internet broadcast appearances speaking on issues of Holistic Health. She’s been featured and a contributing writer in numerous Essence editions, Body & Soul ~ The Black Women’s Guide to Physical Health and Emotional Well-being by Linda Villarosa, Ziba Kashef’s, Like A Natural Woman ~ The Black Women’s Guide to Alternative

Healing, Self-Seduction ~ Your Ultimate Path To Inner And Outer Beautiful by Mikki Taylor, along with Indigo Sun, Global Woman and Natural Awakenings Magazines.

Maisha has served as workshop facilitator and presenter at these national and international venues: African American Women on Tour (AAWOT), American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC), TA-SETI, Third Eye Afrikan Awakening, Texas Southern University’s Department of Communications′ Intercultural Communications and The Spiritual Warfare Conferences, Houston League of Business and Professional Woman, Inc., Gulf Cost of TX African American Family Support Conference (GCTAAFSC), KARAMU Market Place Festival, National Society of Black Engineers (N.S.B.E.), “Sister’s Network” – An African American Breast Cancer Survivors Group, Lymphedema Society, Phoenix Outreach Youth Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), University of Houston: Graduate School of Social Work, Texas Obesity Research Center (TORC) Community Advisory Board, Cullen College of Engineering Program for the Mastery in Engineering Studies (PROMES)/Student Success Advisory Board, Women’s Basketball Mentor Program, Alumni & Black Alumni Associations; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Afrikan United For Sanity NOW!, Texas Yoga Conference and Whole Life Expo.

In 1994, she founded the Afrikan Center of Well Being (A.C.W.B.), Inc., A New Body Lifestyle (A.N.B.L.) Programs and the “Art ~ 4 ~HEALTH Experience Project which are a health network dedicated to the research and dissemination of Natural “WHOLISTIC WHEALTH SM” care information for the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial and legal well being of humankind. Wholistic health is concerned with the proper daily maintenance of the SPIRIT, MIND and BODY.

As an Agency of the Black United Fund of Texas (BUF-TX), Inc. A.C.W.B., Inc., is a clearinghouse of information committed to the continuing conscious education, healing and nurturing of the whole self through interactive presentations regarding wholistic and natural healthcare. It’s natural approach to healthcare and lifestyle of the healing arts and science for all of humanity offers educational materials and seminars for individual and group consultations in Iridology, Nutrition, Herbology, Reflexology, Family Health and Uncensored Vaccination Education.

Finally, Maisha Tianuru is a fervent believer of self-empowerment, and “In the name of the Ancestors, Creator, Universe, Great Spirit, Mother Goddess-Father God... “Ankh Uja Seneb”... “May You have Life, Health and Prosperity!” “Health-Care Is Self Care SM ” “To Heal Is To Make Happy”, “Perfect Health is Your Birthright – CLAIM IT! SM”

(713) 639-3571 * *

Q&A 5/28 1:00PM

Dr. WILLIAM HANCOCK, N.D., M.T. , Msc.D., D.D.

Summit Presentation: Completing the Human Nutritional Cycle for Sustaining Optimal Health

William Hancock is a Herbalist, Iridologist, Mental Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor, Reflexologist, Linguist, Interpreter, Independent Researcher, Lecturer, Writer, Financial Consultant, Numerologist, and Inventor. He is also a student of T'AI CHI for Health, Healing Touch, Colon Hygiene, Meditation and a certified instructor of Yang T'ai Chi and Chi- Kung. As a Naturopathic Doctor, he has made numerous local, regional and national radio and cable network appearances on issues to holistic health, along with having published writings appearing in a number of with newspaper columns and health magazines, including the Indigo Sun. Mr. Hancock has a B. S. degree in Microbiology, a Minor in Chemistry, Graduate courses in Public Health, and certification in Reflexology that has

enhanced his expertise with self-study, along with a clientele of "Happy Feet."

Fundi Hancock holds a Black Belt Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu Internal Chi Kung.

Bill has served as workshop facilitator and presenter throughout the U.S. and Brazil at these national and international venues: University of Houston's Graduate School of Social Work, Texas Obesity Research Center (TORC) Community Advisory Board, TA-SETI

and Third Eye Afrikan Awakening Conferences, KARAMU Market Place and Festival, "Sisters Network" - An African-American Breast Cancer Survivors Support Group, American Cancer Society Lymphedema Group, KWANZAA FEST, Black United Fund of Texas Inc., Phoenix Outreach Youth Center, Senior Citizens Greater Houston Northside, Southeast Texas Home Education Conference, HISD - Jack Yates High School, HISD – James H. Law Elementary School PTO, Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County (CACHH), Annie B. Casey Foundation, Housing Authority of The City Of Houston, Living Well Healing Center of Austin, Sacred Hoop Healing Center of Austin,

along with the Whole Life Expo in Austin and Dallas.

Dr. Hancock is a graduate and course instructor of Urban Harvest’s Permaculture Consultant’s Design Course, “CORE” member of the Permaculture Guild of Houston, TX, along with being Certified Member of the Permaculture Institute.

(713) 639-3571 * *

Q&A 5/28 1:00PM

Dr. Ousmane Pame, President - Global Ecovillage Network/Africa

Summit Presentation: EcoVillage Movement in Senegal

Dr. Ousmane Pame is an educator and a community leader. He worked as the resident Academic Director of Living Routes

at the Dakar Earth Rights Ecovillage Institute. He is the director of academic program in eco villages which engage

international and local students on rural community projects.

Since 1997, Dr Pame has been actively involved in community development projects in Senegal (capacity building,

permaculture, agroforestry, fish farming, drinking water, nutrition and food processing programmes for rural areas,). He has been

supporting deprived schoolchildren in his region through distribution of free school and classroom construction materials.

Thirty-five villages have benefited from his programs.

In December 2007, after participating in an eco village design course in Auroville (India), he introduced the eco village concept to his community (7000 people). Two years later, he was elected as mayor of the Guédé Chantier, the first in the history of his community. During his mandate, he strived to transition his municipality in an eco-community. He also supported the transition of other communities in the West African region. He is a founding member and President of the Global Ecovillage Network/ Africa and of REDES (Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel.

Q&A 5/28 12:00PM

Queen Taese, Black Homeschool & Education Visionary

Summit Presentation: Liberated Minds: Black Homeschool Education

Queen Taese is a Black Homeschool & Education Visionary who has been a trailblazer and inspirational motivator when it comes to the development of children, as well as assisting Afrikan families from around the globe with obtaining the critical support, educational training and resources for strengthening the Black Family. She is a mother of 7 that has homeschooled for over 20 years, and truly cherishes what it means to be a loving and dedicated Afrikan mother to the utmost. Her high expectations of Afrikan family values and a foundation of excellence, along with family and community support, have contributed to producing children who shine, such as her son who at 11 years old was a part of HABESHA's science and agriculture study program, in which he raised his own funds to travel to Ghana to do further studies, community work, as well as learn about Afrikan culture and traditions. He later went on to achieve being a top aeronautical student at the Black-owned and operated Aviation Career Enrichment (A.C.E.) and became a pilot at the tender age of 16. In addition, Queen Taese's daughter at age 12 won Atlanta's Top Caribbean Chef Competition with all vegan vegetarian dishes and then went on to start a thriving vegan and raw food catering business, while her youngest daughter later went on to become the youngest certified Kemetic yoga instructor at age 11 under the Thef Neteru Sema Paut System, of which Queen Taese and her second oldest daughter, age 15 at the time, also became certified. 


Queen Taese has been an educator for over 25 years with her passion and commitment rooted in the specific needs of Black children. For numerous years, she has been designing Afrikan-centered curriculums and serving as a consultant for Black families, institutions, (including her very own Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Institute), and a host of community outreach programs. She is a writer for several publications, including editor-in-chief of The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Magazine, in addition to being a bestselling author who is currently working on other literary and educational projects formulated to spark the genius in Black children and encourage high standards in parents and educators. 


Queen Taese possesses a vibrance that exudes her love of life. She is on a non-compromising journey of Afrikan Liberation, higher aspects of being, and discovering deeper overstandings of her divine purpose every day. Afrikan familyhood, the wholeness & synchronicity of Afrikan men, women and children, is a core principle that is the fabric of her existence and mission to leave a legacy of greatness and a communal imprint on the hearts, minds, and spirits of Afrikan children and families throughout the Diaspora. 


As an entrepreneur, Queen Taese's recognized list of achievements is endless. However, the most dear to her heart are those presented by her own people. She has graced the cover of Entrepreneurs of Color magazine, been honored with the Trailblazer of Excellence award by A.B.I.S.A. and given an honoring of Service and Recognition by Afrikan Community Centers. In addition, Queen Taese has also been featured on Huffington Post Live and the Huffington Post News both relating to Black homeschooling, as well as other notable news and media outlets. One can also look forward to catching her on Dr. Boyce Watkin's upcoming documentary, which centers on the various ways that Black people have been able to gain more success by leaving the "corporate plantation" to move forward and create prosperous and self-sustaining businesses.


Some of Queen Taese's well-known and established entrepreneurial endeavors include in 1996 founding and directing, Black Butterfly Educational Cipher, one of the few Afrikan-centered Daycares in the Bronx New York; and Earth Rootz, which was an enrichment program that took children on a magical journey of music, movement, art, and Afrikan creativity. With Queen Taese having a background in theatre and music, Earth Rootz was a great opportunity for her to exercise her inner creativity by writing and producing everything from children's mini plays and storytelling to youth poetry studio recording sessions that reflected the beauty and power of Afrikan culture. 


Upon moving to Atlanta, Queen Taese wasted no time diving into the flow of the community as she had a clear goal in mind. Thus was the birth of Roots to Fruits Children's Natural Health and Cultural Arts Center whose motto is "From the Roots of Our Ancestors to the Fruits of Our Youth". This intimate Afrikan-centered homeschool has educated thousands of children in one capacity or another through it's various programs, classes, workshops, and events. Some of these include the Brown Baby Soul Lounge, The Green Babies Daycare, Baba Bey's Soul Divine Drumming and Yoga, HABESHA's Sustainable Seeds Gardening, Baba Cordell's Asafo Retreat, Brunch by the Baobab, and more.


With all of these being a huge success, it would be the Children's Afrikan Ball that would draw in people from across the country to experience a royal affair like no other, celebrating the greatness of Afrikan children and the awesome legacy from which they come. The Children's Afrikan Ball is a formal vegan soul food banquet and dance with Afrikan attire, children's performances from throughout the diaspora, and great memorable fun. This November will be it's 7th year Anniversary.


As if enough hasn't already been said, Queen Taese's passion for taking charge of the education of Black children and giving them the tools to move through obstacles is a driving force in her life, as she knows that challenges will come, yet choosing to educate children with wisdom, guidance, and a foundation of cultural identity and self-confidence is the key. She also sees that it is imperative for Afrikan parents and educators to detox from their own indoctrination if a better blueprint is to be set for intergenerational wealth on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. She consistently affirms that, "Our children are our greatest investment and the Afrikan family is the soil for our seeds to be nurtured".


With the acknowledgement of these truths, in 2012 The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo was born after Queen Taese envisioned a gathering that would assist Black homeschoolers, parents and educators in becoming more competent and confident in maximizing the wholistic potential of Black children. She saw a need to bring together training workshops, Afrikan-centered curriculum materials, family resources, and networking all in one sacred space, that was specifically devised for people of Afrikan ascent. As a result,The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo had it's first conference of about 250 people, with a team of extraordinary family members and volunteers helping to make it happen. Since then, thousands have attended from across the country and around the world. Many lives have been changed for the better and life-long fortifying relationships have been built. This incredible 3-day weekend has had some of the top Black scholars as educators such as Runoko Rashidi, Nana Marimba Ani, Mwalimu Baruti, Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Samori Camara, and a host of other highly respected educators and experienced parents that have contributed to this educational platform. On July 14-16, 2017 in Atlanta, the 6th Annual will offer a plethora of options to get involved, as well as join the launching of The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Membership Network, which will offer every day support and serve as a daily resource of numerous solutions for success.


Since the birth of The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo, there have been a few more components of The Liberated Minds Empire to come forth such as The Kilimanjaro Kafe, which is an Afrikan-centered online store for black children and is an accent to the overall agenda to support more Black businesses while providing unique gifts, Black educational products and resources that come from international, as well as independent mediums. Also Liberated Minds Travel, which focuses on Afrikan family vacationing with a purpose of delving more into Black economics, learning more about our Afrikan culture and magnificence while incorporating this into one's life curriculum studies. 


And as purpose and fun align well with Queen Taese's upbeat personality, one may often see her parading around joyfully with the mascots for Bino and Fino, an international Nigerian based cartoon series, of which she is also a representative. The animation focuses on Afrikan history and culture and is getting rave reviews and positive feedback from across the globe. 

In close, Queen Taese is excited to be on a journey of Afrikan Liberation through living her divine purpose and loving it! Pick any one of these endeavors, and Queen recognizes that it is in the spirit of "Ubuntu", which is all the family and community support that has assisted in the manifestation of each of these goals. She constantly gives reverence to the Creator, the All, and the Ancestors for allowing this work to be done through her.




More Black Families are Choosing Homeschool Over Traditonal Learning. This is Why.

Q&A 5/29 11:30AM

Chantel Johnson & Emanuel Hayden

Summit Presentation: North Carolina Homesteading and Living off the Grid


Chantel Johnson

Co-Founder, Off Grid In Color


Chantel Johnson is passionate about helping lead people back to enjoying simple ways of living while reconnecting with their inner-spirit. Chantel’s passions are effectuated everyday. As a social worker, doula, and homesteader in North Carolina, she is able to teach and show people a nontraditional way of living, in today’s day and age that’s just what the soul needs. Since obtaining her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Washington and moving to North Carolina, her life visions have continued to expand. She has since received her doula certification from G.R.R.A.C.E.E. National Doula Academy and has devoted her energies to homesteading. Her visions are continually growing and she hopes to help nurture the visions of others in her larger community with her teachings and ever-expanding knowledge.

Emanuel Hayden

Co-Founder, Off Grid In Color

Emanuel Hagen is a re-starting farmer, youth advocate, and homesteader in North Carolina. Emanuel has always had an immense love for soil and land as evidenced by his soil science studies at A&T in North Carolina and 6 years as a farmer and homesteader. He enjoys teaching, being outdoors, living a minimalism life, and giving back in varied ways. He is passionate about getting people back to real food and living a healthy life without stringent rules.  Emanuel is thorough in his teaching style and very is hands on with his practice. Every person’s path to healthy living is unique, and he believes a tailored approach to helping someone live a healthy life is the best approach.

Q&A 5/28 10:00AM

Kelvin De'Marcus Allen

Summit Presentation: Black Communities Prior to Urban Renewal

Kelvin De’Marcus Allen is accomplished writer, producer and documentary filmmaker with numerous articles and essays to his credit. He has produced television specials and training videos for ABC affiliate station WTNH-TV, New Haven, Ct., the National Cancer Institute, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Allen’s career began in 1986 when he was one of only six actors chosen from a field of 500 to serve as actors and community liaisons in Los Angeles, Ca. for Kaiser Permanente and the Children’s Television Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street.

He is the author of the biopic “Looking Back to Move Forward, Reconciling the past – Liberating the future". The book is an authentic attempt to meaningfully gauge the effects of the past upon the present. In his unique exploration of selfhood, Allen risks it all as he divulges his family origins and breaks a socially-imposed silence with true stories that are oftentimes painful, heart-wrenching and haunting. Looking Back to Move Forward is a straight-from- the-belly exercise in purging.

Allen is also featured in Steve Peha and Margot Lester’s book, “Be A Writer: Your Guide to the Writing Life” the book focuses on proven tips and techniques to help young writers get started.

In 1992, Allen’s video documentary “Imagine If” won the Connecticut Higher Education Telecommunications Association’s Screening Room Award for entertainment programming. To his credit, Allen has interviewed some of the most notable names in Arts/Entertainment, including actors Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Spike Lee and Danielle Spencer-Fields, filmmaker Haile Gerima, filmmaker, director and author, Gordon Parks, gospel music great, Rev. John P. Kee, and up and coming conductor, Andre Raphel.

He is the producer and host of “Body and Soul” Peer Counseling training video, the National Cancer Institute’s national campaign designed to encourage healthier eating habits among African Americans. The interactive DVD is distributed nationally to churches and promoted on urban radio stations throughout the country. He is a writer and executive producer for the documentary film, Hayti the Heritage: The Legacy of Black America. The film focuses on the all-black community of Durham, North Carolina. Allen is also the host of “The People’s Studio” an internet-based radio program.


Currently, Allen is the President and CEO of the Beulah Project, Inc. A not-for- profit organization whose mission is to create and sustain projects that empower people and communities as they strive to reach their highest potential. Allen is a graduate of North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C.; and holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Liberal Studies from Duquesne University in

Pittsburgh, Pa. Allen also holds a Juris Doctor degree and is currently studying for the North Carolina Bar.

Q&A 5/28 1:30PM

Dr. Mama Nobantu Andito Ankoanda

Summit Presentation: Historic Black Townships

Dr. Mama Nobantu Ankoanda became an educator in 1972 as a teacher in East Palo Alto (aka Nairobi), California. She has nearly 45 years of experience as an educator, teacher, former principal and founder of Afrikan Centered Community Based institutions in Nairobi, CA. Mama Ankoanda holds a doctoral degree in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of California at Berkeley.  

In 1968, while a student at UCB, Mama Nobantu became a Pan Afrikan Socialist after she was recruited to become a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika. She participated and studied the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C. as a sociology student shortly after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mama Nobantu was the youngest of 185 educators (including Betty Shabazz, Eric Lincoln) to travel to Accra, Ghana in 1969 upon her graduation from UCB. It was at the University of Accra where she received a certificate in Afrikan history and Culture.  In 1982, she returned to Ghana  for a brief stay with her five children to expose them at an early age the true and positive images of Afrika and its people.  In 2001, she witnessed the World Conference Against Racism, in Durban, South Afrika. And finally, in 2010, she traveled to Kemet with her uncle, Professor Earl Grant, (was a very close friend of Malcolm X) who shared with her a different perspective on ancient Kemet due to his engineering degree.

After 10 years teaching in the public school system in Nairobi  CA, Mama Nobantu retired at the age of  34.  She co-founded Shule Ya Taifa in 1981, founded Shule Nyansa Sua in 1982, and founded Shule Mandela Academy in 1983. In 1998 she transformed Shule Mandela Academy into a charter school called School of Wisdom and Knowledge College Preparatory Academy. She was the Northern California convener for the Council of Independent Institutions (CIBI) from 1998-2003. Mama Nobantu also co-founded the Rites of Passage for girls, a grassroots organization called Sisters of Tomorrow  (SOT) in 1984.  Presently, there is an Atlanta SOT chapter where she works with the organization as an elder.

Mama Nobantu is the mother of five adult children who reside in Georgia, California, Texas and New Jersey respectfully. She is the grandmother of nine. She has mothered over 300 students and is still in contact with most of them through social media. Her oldest adult child who is disabled and diagnosed with Downs Syndrome (due to an IUD experiment on Black and Brown women in the 70’s) has taught her the patience and calmness she is well known for. Her motto has been that “all students are gifted” and it is up to parents, teachers, and leaders to identify these gifts for the liberation of our people.

In her dissertation, “A Case Study of Afrikan Centered Schools”, she focused on the critical factors of success and failure that are associated with the academic achievement of Afrikan American students when measured by high school graduation rates. An analysis of the data indicated an increased high school graduation rate for students from Afrikan-centered schools than for Afrikan American students in the public schools.

In 2006, Mama Nobantu moved to Decatur, GA to become closer to two of her daughters and most of her grandchildren.  She developed a new skill as a tax professional with ComproTax, the oldest and largest Black tax professional company in the nation. It was in 2010, when she introduced the Collard Greens Cultural Festival to the Metro Atlanta Region that originated from Nairobi, CA as a fundraiser for Shule Mandela Academy. This year Nairobi will be celebrating its 16th year and Metro-Atlanta its 6th year in Lithonia, GA.

Mama Nobantu’s  activism  includes co-chair of the Metro-Atlanta Council of Afrikan Elders Support Team, member of Afrikan Community Centers, member of Nsoromma Elders Advisory Board, member of CIBI, at-large board member of National Coalition of Reparations in America (N’Cobra) and member of the Atlanta NCOBRA chapter, administrative consultant with Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, member of Viongozi (Kilombo’s leadership committee), member of the Seasoned Women of First Afrikan Church, board member of Neighborly Needs of Atlanta, member of an Ifa community as a child of Obatala, member of a newly formed organization called the National Revolutionary Afrikan Council of Ma’at, member of Us Lifting Us and a member of the advisory board for A golden Life Personal Care Home.  Her latest project is to support Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri to build an African International Center in Atlanta, GA for dialogue and understanding between women of African descent born in America and African women on the continent. A women’s forum on this project is forthcoming. Finally, Mama Nobantu is the co-founder of the Afrikan Sustainable Community Collective hosting the Black Sustainability Summit online. Mama Nobantu Ankoanda has received numerous awards for her work in our African Communities.

Q&A 5/29 11:00AM
Q&A 5/29 12:30PM

Karimah King

Summit Presentation: Bio-Regenerative Healing

Karimah embarked on her journey of holistic wellness at the age of 14 when she cured herself of severe asthma and elevated cholesterol using diet, herbs,breathing exercises,and seasonal therapeutic fasting.She formally continued her studies in holistic medicine with Clayton College receiving a BS in Holistic Nutrition.

Tuning into the ancient wisdom of the patrilineal elders in her family, Karimah began to study herbal medicine.She later sat under the tutelage and wisdom of the world renowned holistic healer Brother Rashan Abdul Hakim, as well as a host of other holistic gurus obtaining certifications in Reiki and lridology.


Karimah is also certified as a Holistic Health Consultant with The International Association of African Holistic Priests, Healers, Thinkers, and Religion, Inc. Since raising a family on holistic principles, Karimah has gained an invaluable amount of hands-on experience in homeschooling,family nutrition, and sustainable living. In addition,she has assisted numerous people on their healing journey around the world with her knowledge,commitment, and care for others.

Since founding The Temple of Regeneration, Karimah offers a variety of holistic services to our community, from Health Counseling to Natural Birthing Support to Workshops on Food Prep, and Products to serve as a foundation for vitality & longevity, just to name a few. For more information, call or email the

Q&A 5/28 3:00PM

Baba Wekesa & Mama Afiya Madzimoyo

Summit Presentation: Healing Oppressions Wounds

Afiya and Wekesa Madzimoyo married on December 31, 1988 and have since then worked side-by-side building several businesses and organizations, chief among them AYA Educational Institute . Currently Wekesa serves as the Head of School, and Afiya teachers Mathematics. AYA Educational Institute provides quality educational alternatives and resources for youth and adults of African descent. Since 1988 AYA's programs have immersed students, parents and other adults into an African-centered educational and social environment that is rich in our past and culture. These tools enable them to succeed in their current and future responsibilities to themselves, their families, our community, our people and the world -- in that order. Wekesa serves as the lead trainer and originator of the national workshops: "Healing Oppression's Wounds," "Warriors & Healers," and "Sankofa Math." Using an African-centered frame, African Americans support each other in healing the wounds created by external and injected oppression starting with ourselves and extending into our community and into our work lives. Wekesa has been the prime developer of Mu-Kunda, AYA's Online Communiversity with Soul."


Located in Stone Mountain Georgia, AYA Educational Institute's African-Centered Online Campus offers interactive courses for students and adults: that's real-time interactive learning -- with live instructors. Through its adult courses, AYA has served students in Washington, DC, SC, NY, Byron, MS, CA, FL, NC, IL, Bermuda, Trinidad and Georgia where it is based. Through its youth courses AYA serves middle school and high school students with a full academic curriculum with high culture, high nurturing and high expectations. To support our people financially and to support AYA Educational Institute, Afiya affiliated with ComproTax, Inc., the largest Black-owned income tax firm in the country, in 2006 and now serves as office manager at ComproTax ATL -- AYA Team, which most recently relocated to 260 Peachtree Street, Suite 2110. Afiya provides income tax preparation services for individuals, businesses and corporations, specializing in supporting clients who have trouble or challenges with the IRS. She also serves as a bankruptcy petition preparer.


In 2009, Afiya and Wekesa, as pro se litigants, sued three of the largest banks in the US (GMAC, Et. Al), asking the defendants to bring proper evidence of the chain of title regarding their personal home mortgage loan. Their case Madzimoyo V. GMAC, Et. Al was victorious, winning in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Northern District, bringing case precedent-setting law for the states: AL, GA and FL when it comes to the removal of case from state to federal court. The Madzimoyos continue to win their fight in DeKalb State court. In 2011, Afiya and Wekesa formed JUSTICE AT HOME, a growing movement of pro se litigants and their supporters who are fighting the foreclosure crisis and the wealth hemorrhaging from our neighborhoods. They are also working to educate, empower and restore psychic and emotional balance to our communities hardest hit by the economic crisis and the social “blame.” Afiya and Wekesa formed UHURU Esusu Real Estate LLC which is a buying collective whereby 11 families are pooling monies together to purchase homes and own them outright free-and-clear within 2.5 years. The Esusu purchased the first house in December 2011, and two other families are actively looking and negotiating now. Every three months an Esusu family buys a home free and clear.


Wekesa and Afiya have four children: Ayinde Madzimoyo, Chinua Suma, Sarafina and Ife Madzimoyo and three grandchildren: Addae, Olaniyon and Anhur. Wekesa is also a professional photographer and graphic designer and Afiya grows much of the family’s food.

Q&A 5/28 11:30AM

Rev. Dr. Alannah K. Estar

Summit Presentation: Umayat Spiritual Education for Self-Realization - The Exodus Project

Founder of Women's Center for Training and Development (2008) in Ethiopia at Axum University and Marcus Garvey Pan

African University (2009) in Mbale Uganda and the Afrocentric School of Healing (2016) along with Umayat Spiritual Education

Circle for Self-Realization (2002).

I am an indigenous native Tasalagee/Cherokee from the Muskogee County area of Georgia. I know who I am and where I

am from first through ancestral knowledge and verified through family and research.

I hold formal degrees in Speech Communication, African Studies, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Tantra Practitioner,

Author, Publisher, Metaphysical Healer and Ph.D in Philosophy. I have been a part of establishing three nature villages in Jamaica

and Uganda.

Our current indigenous nature village is called The Exodus Project located in Jamaica, West Indies.

Yaa ELOHIM & Dr. Jata Rahim

Summit Presentation: The Urgent Need for Senior Sustainable Permaculture Housing and Soulutions

Dr. Jata Rahim has always had the vision of providing affordable, accessible wellness care to communities around the globe. A practitioner of many modalities, Dr. Jata achieved his Doctor of Oriental Medicine Degree in new York in the year 1984.


Well known for his articulation of ideas into concepts that are easy to grasp and internalize for one's personal growth, Dr. Jata presents to all ages, races, economic backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. His presentation to children is engaging and inspiring.


For years, Dr. Jata Rahim has operated several wellness centers or wellness-oriented businesses. After establishing acupuncture clinics in the Caribbean, Africa and the U.S., Dr. Jata's latest effort -- just prior to the current one -- , Blessed Love Healthcare -- was alive and well when he met Yaa ELOHIM, community/urban agricultural activist, alkaline nutritionist and herbalista.  Yaa shared her vision and work within Community Health and Wellness, an organization Yaa founded over 15 years ago.

A decade-and-a-half ago, Yaa ELOHIM was inspired through her previous work and other community-oriented empowerment, activist and advocacy organizations to found a community-based hands-on, self-help and healing organization that provided access, primarily to information about wellness lifestyles and access to the practitioners who had the expertise to provide these healing technologies to the comunity-at-large. Thinking globally, but acting locally, Yaa focused on the marginalized communities of Washington, DC, of which she is a native and Atlanta, GA, where she transplanted herself to in 1988.  "Mama Yaa" is she is known was instrumental in developing empowerment models for these communities that are still being currently utilized.

Yaa is a nutritionist by formal education and is currently working to bring nutrition education to county government organizations, thus enhancing productivity and reducing absences due to illnesses, which increases and enhances well being for the individual and the organization.

Dr. Hancock
Dr. Pame
Dr. Tianuru
Queen Taese
Nobantu Ankoanda
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Chanowk Yisrael

Summit Presentation: Eating In a Changing World

Drive down Roosevelt street in the Sacramento neighborhood of Oak Park, and you’d never guess that the modest homestead facing an elementary school is headquarters to a revolution. No, it’s not really a political action. Rather, Chanowk Yisrael’s “Homegrown Revolution” is a revolt against ignorance and isolation and a stand for self-sufficiency and hope — in the garden.

The mission of the Yisrael Family Farm is to “educate, inspire and demonstrate … the benefits of growing your own food” to the local community and beyond. From his half-acre plot Chanowk, his wife Judith, and their eight children are the foundation of an urban farm that’s inciting health and gardening know-how in a neighborhood where fast food burgers are much more familiar than broccoli.

Chanowk’s revolution began when both his parents developed cancer and he was determined to break an all-too-familiar cycle.

“They say these things can be hereditary. But what I’ve found is that eating habits are what is hereditary,” he says. “Most of the diseases that we’re facing, especially in a disproportionate amount in the African-American community, are based on eating habits.”

Transitioning over time to a primarily plant-based diet, Chanowk made sure his growing family had good quality, organic food. But at one point the cost of groceries became prohibitive.

“I realized that even though I had a good job, the money to buy food and was able to buy organic, I was still in a food insecure position,” he says. The economic collapse in 2008, along with health scares caused by E. coli and other foodborne illnesses, made him think: “At any time anything can happen and I don’t have access to food that I need. So I went and started to grow food in my back yard.”

Thinking back to his early efforts at gardening, Chanowk chuckled at his ignorance of the process. Like many Americans, his father and grandfather had kept gardens. His family’s agricultural roots spanned generations in the South where most everyone was involved with agriculture.

“How hard can it be?” he remembers thinking. “You get a plant, you put it in the ground, you water it and it grows and you get food out of it. … And I killed everything.”

Realizing there was more to the process, Chanowk attended a 3-day class by John Jeavons, author of “How to Grow More Vegetables.” With a firm foundation in soil science, organic methods, intensive planting, composting and other principles he learned from Jeavons, Chanowk returned to Sacramento and began growing the food he needed for his family.

“But then I started to do research. I started to find out about the urban farm movement,” he says. “I also started to find out about food justice, environmental justice, what a food desert was and realizing that I’m in a food desert.”

So he joined forces with other urban farmers in Sacramentans for Sustainable Community Agriculture — an effort to win a city ordinance allowing residents who grow food in their yards to sell their produce.

In the meantime, the Yisrael Family Farm has itself earned farmers market certification and contracts with other local farms on farm-related work. In addition, the farm welcomes volunteers to learn and help maintain the gardens and orchards, holds workshops and seminars on health and healing, soap and jam making, and educates those in the community about food deserts.

Q&A 5/29 4:00PM

Yaa Odoyofe Bangolame

Summit Presentation: Eating In a Changing World

NKALA Environmental was founded by the husband and wife team of Yaw Agbede and Yaa Odoyefe Bangolame. Yaa is a dedicated mother and homemaker with expertise in environmental education, holistic health counseling, traditional midwifery, and massage therapy. The mission of NKALA Environmental is to facilitate and encourage the use of Afrikan technical power in ways that are practical and sustainable for Afrikan people. We are a culturally centered firm helping our clients to build, learn and live.

Nkala Educational services is the second pillar of their firm.  What started out as online tutoring has grown into curriculum publishing.  What Baba Yaw found is that he spent so much time combing through his math texts and creating worksheets for the students he tutored, that it would serve him better to create a workbook of his own.  This is how African Pre-Algebra was born. Baba Yaw's work seeks to correct the misconception that mathematics cannot be taught from an African-center. 


Why is this important? For the same reason knowing our history is important.  The oldest math textbook in the world was written in Africa.  But when our children encounter higher level mathematics, they hear names like Fibonacci and Pythagoras, totally alienating them from ownership.  

Dr. Alannah

Aba Imhotep Shaka

Summit Presentation: The Heal Inn - Developing a Sacred Space in Atlanta

The humbling effect of maintaining a memory that never allow me to forget my Ancestors work and sacrifice and the joy of knowing we are our Ancestors that manifest thru good friends and family.

I give thanks to the Black Sustainability Summit family for maintaining such a high standard of African family hood humility and love for our people and nation.


The on going effects of post traumatic slave syndrome and the ever rippling tide of white oppression is a reality in the most seasoned well informed black  conscious spiritually experienced African centered communities today!

Sadly over the past 25 years with this new computer Technology era their has been less time devoted to personal interaction among Africans from letter writing to cooking at home to the simple art of conversation and the list goes on. Yet the demands on the African Mind Body and Spirit have increased ten fold.


Our knowledge was always past on orally yet we have less family structures to do just that in! the idea that I can do it alone has increased & created more divisions than ever in the black family. What happened to all the healers and the Artists? they themselves(us!) have become burned out sick and victims of the ever pressing (I don't need no one society) which reinforces the dog eat dog mentality. So why is healing and recuperation so important in these times? Because our minds are not as sharp as thy used to be and our abilities to process these massive amount of information all be it CELL PHONES TV COMPUTERS MICROWAVES RADIO and so on with out having our own filtering system in place have caused us to have various forms of mental illnesses.


A small part of the solution (The filtering systems if you will) is having spiritual gas stations placed around the country that serve a specific purpose in the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the African mind and spirit The Heal Inn is one of those places.It is an African owned Sovereign healing space that sits on an acre of land in a prime location 12 mins from downtown Atlanta (but you would never know it!!) the space alone is healing even before any work is considered!

The Heal Inn is a Vegan Vegetarian rejuvenation spa bed and breakfast Healing compound. With our simple motto, 'We Heal Without Intrusion', it allows for less judgement (because we are all continuously healing) and more encouragement (because we are all human and fall short). Also Scripted in the basic philosophy is that every African is a healer and every African is an artist by birth due to the revamped reconfigured willy lynch (white systems of thought and behavior) this created generational memory loss even more so among the so called well educated!! We highly encourage married couples and African complimentary couples that have been together for at least one full year to come and recuperate in this  divine space.Their is so much more weaved into this space than words can account for. 

Q&A 5/29 1:00PM

DJ Asante

Summit Presentation: Sustainable Community Development - Mississippi to Senegal

Author, RE-Educator and 20 year Trustee-Attorney in fact specializing in Real Estate Investments, international Trust, Trust and Estate, International Relocation


2015-2019 Current Focus: Plan Implementation, Transition Assistance (Birth and Death Planning) Legacy Growth and Protection (Investment, Retirement, Wills and Trusts) and Generational Wealth Transference.

Kwabena Boateng

Summit Presentation: Foundations of Sustainability

Founder/President of  African Diaspora Nation
Reconcile Africa

Q&A 5/29 4:30PM
dj asante
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