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Call for Presenters

Presenter Eligibility

To be considered, presenters for this year's summit must be members of our network AND possess the technical expertise necessary to present on a subject effectively, and meet the following:

  • Be a member of the African diaspora;

  • Have extensive experience including practical application or research involving subject of presentation; and

  • Have received OR teaches specialized training on subject of presentation

Presenter Benefits

  • Presenters will contribute toward the development of the first State of Black Sustainability Report - increasing self-sufficiency in our communities

  • Promotion of your/your organization's name and credentials on our website, and in all electronic and print marketing materials, where appropriate

  • Recognition of your expertise by BSN and attendees

  • Rights and use of final video presentation

  • Networking opportunities and on-site support for local presenters by attendees

  • All presentations have been provided as in-kind contributions for our community, all presentations provided online only will follow suit. However, to respect the time and energy of those able to host in-person workshops, a financial contribution will be provided from registration fees.

Notification of Selection

Selected presenters (online) with proposals submitted by September 10 will be notified of their selection by email no later than August 10, 2023. 

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • All sections of the application are complete

  • Presentation description is clearly written

  • Learning objectives are clearly stated

  • Content aligns with summit theme

  • Session structure and organization are clearly defined

  • Presenters have sufficient experience and knowledge of the subject matter

  • Presentation is not used to solely market products or services, and is free from commercial bias

Summit Theme

Interested in presenting at our 8th Annual Black Sustainability Summit October 6 - 8, 2023?

Our Theme This Year Is "The State of Black Sustainability"

We are not waiting on anyone to "save us", we have the tools and self-determination we need. 


Join us to: 

  • Develop a State of Black Sustainability

  • Meet Other Members & Exchange Best Practices for Climate/EJ/Sustainability Challenges

  • Share Key Challenges in Your Region & Exchange Practical Solutions 

  • Identify Fundraising Needs & Funding Sources

  • Learn About Workforce Training/Certifications

  • Be Inspired by Current Projects & Success Stories

Presentation Topics

We are calling for presenters that can speak to the State of Black Sustainability in their region within their field of expertise and/or offer unique educational experiences for those interested in self-sufficiency.


ONLINE PRESENTERS - We are seeking current and relevant information within these twelve industry houses:


  • Alternative Economics

  • Alternative Energy

  • Climate

  • Community Development

  • Education & Cultural Preservation

  • Eco-Building/Housing

  • Environmental Justice & Policy

  • Green Lifestyle/Beauty/ Fashion

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Land Management

  • Waste

  • Water

  • Wholistic Health

Black Sustainability invites you to submit a proposal to present at its 8th Annual 2023 Black Sustainability Summit as a presenter in-person or online.  


Members of the African diaspora are invited to submit in-person presentations on the State of Black Sustainability in your region OR a hands-on workshop (to be held outdoors) between 30 - 60 minutes.

Proposal Submission Deadline

August 15, 2023 11:59pm EST

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